Gateway to Global Growth – Support for experienced exporters

Liverpool Exporters Network can help you get the specialist information, skills and guidance you need to grow your exports.

What are the benefits?

A recent business survey found that busineses that continue to grow their export potential are 11.4% more likely to survive during times of economic instability.  With this in mind, Liverpool Exporters Network would like to assist you with:

  • Growing your export function by getting you the strategic support you need
  • Survive times of economic instability – get the advice you need to build a robust export plan
  • Build your knowledge – Liverpool Exporters Network will provide specialist advice and training, helping you to access Global Value Chains
  • Access new markets – we’ll help you identify and reach them

What do we provide?

  • An in-depth review to identify your company’s needs and aims
  • Quality training, strategic development and masterclasses on key topics
  • Specialists advice from our expert advisory group members
  • Information on the national and regional grants available to exporters

Next Steps:

The programme is completely tailored to your needs and will be managed by one of our Business Growth Advisers.  There is no cost attached to this service, which will provide you with a full business review and action plan.

For more information register here with us today and one of our export team will contact you directly.

How to link into our network of support – it’s easy to link into and engage with our export staff and services by registering with us on here. Once you have registered with us you can also:

  • Access details of Tenders and potential overseas contacts/customers
  • Access our on-line Forum where you can join in discussions and debates or raise any issues you have regarding your business
  • Have the opportunity to book on to free events and training that suit you