Are you an experienced exporter?

We’re looking for experienced exporters to actively promote the benefits of exporting amongst businesses. We’d like you to share your success stories (and cautionary tales) with local businesses and help them to take their first steps into new markets.


  • Share your experience, successes, knowledge and networks to help other companies do business overseas
  • Support your local economy to grow, create jobs and wealth
  • Benefit from being part of a network that listens to your needs, receiving support and advice that helps you meet your goals
  • Take advantage of marketing opportunities and logistical support

How to get involved

Depending on how much time you are able to commit, we’d like to invite you to take part at one of the following three levels, with examples of what each one might involve:

Supporter – Become a member of Liverpool Exporters Network and take part in the Exporters Network. Support the initiative and endorse the benefits of international trade.

Champion – As with a Supporter plus proactively champion the benefits of international trade as part of Liverpool Exporters Network. This could include:

  • Provide news stories, case studies, tweets and other social media messages showcasing your successes, experiences and support for exporting
  • Promote exporting or speaking at Liverpool Exporters Network events
  • Champion exporting to your business networks and contacts
  • Actively encourage other businesses to become part of Liverpool Exporters Network.

Ambassadors – As with Supporters and Champions, plus providing one-to-one support and mentoring and/or delivering workshops as part of Liverpool Exporters Network on topics relevant to exporting.