Markets and trade opportunities across the UK

Traditionally exporting means international trade, and whilst this is ultimately what we would like more businesses to do, we realise that every journey begins with the first step. That’s why we are re-defining ‘export’ for businesses to include New Markets and trade opportunities across the UK and abroad. Ultimately, we want businesses to win new business – whether that business is local, national or international – and through Liverpool Exporters Network we will do all we can to facilitate the journey by providing meaningful support and, most importantly, facilitating the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas amongst businesses themselves.

Businesses are already supplying goods and services around the world and enjoying huge success as a result. We want to help more businesses to realise their full potential by selling to new markets while at the same time, helping those already exporting to continue to grow.

Businesses registering for Liverpool Exporters Network will have access to expert advice, support and networks bringing vital know how, contacts and information. While the team at Liverpool Exporters Network will do everything it can to provide support, local businesses with international ambitions or experience, are the driving force for Liverpool Exporters Network.

As the membership of Liverpool Exporters Network increases the opportunity to develop trade relationships, co-operatives/joint ventures and knowledge sharing will continue to grow and become increasingly valuable to your business. Liverpool Exporters Network will be the gateway to knowledge and experience of businesses who have and continue to export in a meaningful way for profit.

Liverpool Exporters Network is a partnership between local businesses, InvestSefton/Sefton Council, Liverpool Local Enterprise Partnership, Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce and UK Trade & Investment with the aim of encouraging and supporting businesses to export. The initiative is funded by Sefton Council and the European Regional Development Fund.

Chairmans Welcome

Michael Gould, Richardsons HealthcareAt Richardsons we began exporting in 1992. Put simply domestic demand wasn’t enough for us to grow the business to meet our ambitions. Our initial forays were exciting, challenging and eventually rewarding- it took commitment and drive but has been well worth the effort.

We now successfully export to more than 20 countries, with in excess of 60% of our sales being international. One thing I probably didn’t expect was how much fun it’s been, I’ve built friendships and had travel and cultural experiences that simply wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t export.

“Would I recommend it? I really can’t see why you wouldn’t do it; if we can succeed then so can anyone. Exporting really has been one of the most rewarding decision I’ve made professionally and personally.”

One thing that I wish I had then, and still value now, is to have the opportunity to talk with other businesses to share experiences and connections; as well as having straightforward access to any support available. Liverpool Exporters Network fulfils this role, bringing local businesses together to make the most of the opportunities offered by international markets and trade. I urge all business to make the most of this exciting initiative – join me at the Liverpool Exporters Network events and share you questions, or indeed answers and experiences in the online forum.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Michael Gould, Managing Director, Richardsons Healthcare